Price: $150

Seller: Doreen Vanderlinden
State: Wisconsin
City: Appleton
Zip code: 54914
Type: Pets

I have 2 one year old bearded dragons for sale that come with their own 50 gallon tanks and stands(one stand is black the other is cedar tone) both have screen tops, lights, heat lamps, undertank heaters, rocks, accessories, sand and food and water pool dishes.  Both Igore and Draculaura are great lizards and are easy to handle, they have been handled by 5 year olds, teenagers and adults and are used to dogs and cats!  They have great personalities and are just amazing to watch indoors and outdoors!  My girls just don't have time for them like they used to when they first got them and I hate to see them sitting in their tanks all the time looking for attention! I also have a huge tote box set up for keeping and breeding your crickets in and a pan for the meal worms and super worms to live in also that will go with them.  I am hoping to sell them together and if so will sell them for $225.00 together or if separate $150.00 if you don't require the tanks and stands then I would sell each for$75.00 or the two lizards together for $125.00!  I can't up load my pics from here for some reason, so if you want pics please call or email or text me and i will send them to you that way!  Thanks, Doreen